Sunday, 20 April 2014

A 2nd Bite of the Cherry......

Well, as I suggested in my previous posting.......thing were about to change......but at that time I couldn't specify until a few things were in place.

The first was to finalise the details of a new job.......less than my current hours, less money and less stress and draining of energy, thereby freeing up more time and energy to devote to my true love of jewellery.  This also means that I will teaching jewellery and working with metal clay again.  Yippee!!  That's all I can say on that.

The second was to hand in my notice at my current job, and as they had just advertised for new staff.....I thought it a good idea to do it sooner than later - so they now have 6 weeks notice instead of the desired 4.  But that does now mean it is public and I can talk about my plans.

Can't remember if I mentioned the Leighton Buzzard Market......but I shall be doing that regularly on the 4th Saturday of the month in the High Street.  This is in addition to the 2nd Saturday of the month at Bedford Handcrafted Market.  Click here for list of dates.

What I have planned with regard to teaching is a 3 hour Taster Session for Beginners and also full day workshops.  The taster session will be quite basic where as the full day workshops will be more technique based.
So if you fancy learning how to turn this 10g ball of Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC3) .....

Into 2 pairs of Solid Fine silver Earrings

Or 1 pair of earrings and a pendant in solid fine silver


Then give me a call on 07871 171 565 for more details or email me on to register your interest.  Dates and Venue (in Bedford, UK) to be confirmed soon and the price of this Taster Session will be in the region of £36.

Details of full day workshops will also be coming soon, so let me know if this also interest you,

In addition to my own workshops - I have also been asked to teach metal clay again at Tudor Rose Patchwork - which I am really looking forward to.  I am hoping to include Copper and Bronze workshops but I am still in the process of devising the workshop with the appropriate copper or bronze - still looking for the ideal clay with a firing process that is best suited to workshops.

Another workshop I am planning is a beading workshop - not the intricate seed beading that takes so much patience.  I have had so many people buy my beaded earrings and comment that they wished they knew how to do make them, that I thought I may as well devise a workshop and teach watch this space.

Finally for this is the first JDLM Newsletter  I have produced in two years.  There is a special offer included for April/May so print one off and come and find me at an event if you want to benefit from the offer. 

That's All for now folks
Blessings to All


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Update.......Better late than never!!

Well it has definitely been a while since I have posted on here!! Apologies for that.  The necessary 'Day Job' has certainly got in the way of my jewellery and Me over the last 2 years.  Hopefully that will be rectified quite whilst I can't say anymore for this space!!

Over the last year I have experimented a little with the Goldie Bronze clays.  I am still attempting to get to grips with working with the powders and mixing the clay myself.....and as for the very different firing method associated with Bronze and Copper.......this is very different to firing Fine Silver......and I have to admit to finding this a challenge also.  I will persevere though as copper and bronze clays are a lot more 'affordable' than Fine Silver, which means I can make the 'big pieces' I have had in mind for so long. 

That said, my love is still with Fine Silver - I prefer everything about it and I can't wait to get back to focusing on making silver jewellery again - time and day job allowing.

Since I returned to 'employment' I had to suspend teaching, but this is soon to be rectified - so I am back on the market for' one to one' tuition and hopefully (within the next 6 months) workshops will also soon be available again.

We have just had the first 'Handcrafted in Bedfordshire Area' Market of the season, so as a reminder it is the 2nd Saturday of the month.  Click here for dates.  I am also hoping to attend the Leighton Buzzard Handcrafted markets, to be held on the 4th Saturday of the month, but this has yet to be confirmed - so again, watch this space.

The Website ( has been redesigned and, after a few hiccups caused by Windows 8.1, is now finally up and working as it should. Please take the time to have a look - I have simplified it so it should be much easier to navigate around.

The shop page on the website has been updated with new stock, so well worth a look.  Remember - I only make 'one of a kind' items so once it has gone - its gone.  that said I am quite pleased that after all these years I am still making individual items.

When I get time, I have also started dabbling in Polymer clay - just to make a few beads and to give colour and depth to some of my jewellery - I quite like using it with the bronze and copper, so this is something else I am having fun in learning and experimenting with.

I am also considering getting an Etsy shop, but this will not be happening for a couple of months as I want to make some items specifically for that 'outlet'.  Again - watch this space!

Well I think that is all for now......time for me to go to bed I think, as it is nearly 2.30am, but I wanted to quickly update the blog and get back into the swing of it.  So Night All and Sleep tight!

Bright Blessings
J x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Operation 'Reclaiming the Studio'

Well reading the last post I can see that, with all the best of intentions, having a day job and wanting to make jewellery are not necessarily compatible.  I have to admit to having found it hard to juggle the 'day job' with the household responsibilities and still find time for jewellery.

It is over 6 months on since I last wrote and we are now into a new year.  I am now in panic mode to get my tax return in by the end of this month, and I find myself once more reviewing where I am with regard to my jewellery.

To enable me to even start my tax return I first of all had to locate all receipts etc.....and to do that I had to venture down to the studio.  Unfortunately, because I have been so preoccupied and exhausted by all things 'employment', the last 12 months has seen my studio gradually turn into a 'dumping ground' for all things 'business'........and so when I did venture down to it......this is what I found!!

These are definately the 'Before' pictures and a reminder of how messy the creative mind can be.  Because whilst it is a mess (which I am rather ashamed of) I also have to acknowledge that under the mess is actually my normal muddled working method......with everything everywhere!!!

The shed with the window is my studio.....and I have to say looking rather lovely in the snow.
That is......until you open the door!!

Warm and Toaster with the heater and the fan......
but what a muddle!

My workstation.....the table at which I create!  Elements of the last creative frenzy remaining
along with a few bits that had been 'dumped' as the closest table to the door!

The big table......mostly papers on here along with 'overspill' from the workstation. 

My storage units......also in a state of disorganisation.
What you don't see in any of these pictures are the two crates of papers that had just been dumped in here, and judging by some of the dates on bits I have finally thrown - had been 'stored' for about 4 years!!!

Not very proud of what I found, and also hardly suprising that I didn't go down there very much.  I am a great believer in the space we occupy reflecting the state of our mind.......and clearly mine was very muddled, and bearing in mind how long my studio had looked like this, I clearly had some blocks!!

Anyway, two days in my toasy little studio, sorting and throwing, cleaning and filing, and I was very proud of myself.  I did actually feel like I had taken a major step forward in 'releasing' the past business so that I could now embrace my future hobby.  I also realised that I have learnt quite a lot over the years, but I hadn't actually acted upon it or put it into practice.  I found Copper clay that I hadn't tried yet, scratchfoam, new colour systems......all things that I wanted to try but hadn't got around to.

Maybe this would change with my newly reclaimed and tidied Studio.......
The After pictures.....

My workstation - once more a place for creation.
A new design already in scratchfoam, just waiting to be made.

A much better view from the door and definitely more inviting.

So much space to design and create, and maybe even teach again.
We will just have to see.

Even the storage had a little attention and is once again 'ship shape'.

So, in the days since tiding up my studio - have I made anything or designed.  Well apart from the quick design I felt compelled to do as I was getting to the end of operation 'Reclaim the Studio' - no I haven't.
On the one hand I don't really feel free to until I have got my tax return done and submitted.  But on the other I have to admit to that 'blank paper' feeling.  Not quite knowing where to put the first mark.  There is an undeniable fear......of what I am not sure.....but 'fear' is the only way I can describe it.  Maybe this is the last block.....not just with Jewellery but with my life in general.  An undefinable fear of something, everything and nothing that stops me from throwing myself into my life.  Perhaps this is something I can peruse on my other blog.....this really isn't the place for such things, other than to say that acknowledgement is half the battle, and knowing that it exists makes me strong enough to just get on with it.

Whilst I admit that the 'day job' does take more out of me than I first thought it would, I am also now free (or will be after the tax return deadline) with my tidy clean studio to do just that and 'get on with it'......and so I am looking foward to taking a year out to explore the theories of my learning and putting them into practice and experience.  And in doing so I will be looking forward to presenting new pieces of jewellery and other creations that reflect this new stage of my journey with my jewellery.

Feeling kind of excited about this next chapter.

Bright Blessings to All xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

6 Months to Reflect......

Well it has been about 6 months since my last post - and during that time I have completely stepped back from all things Jewellery.  The last year or so has been extremely hard for a number of reasons....but the main one being the financial climate and the affect it had on me both personally and with regard to the business and the family.  So there have been some necessary changes.

The main and most important one being that I now have 'a day job' - working as a medical receptionist.  This I have had since March, and prior to that from January to March I was working as a temp at the Path Lab in the local hospital.  It became apparent over the last 18 months that, despite all my efforts, I was not going to earn sufficient income to support my family from my jewellery business.  The new income received from my job has enabled us to sort a lot of things out and we are now back on a firmer financial footing.

Due to the hardships experienced earlier, it did cause me to 'fall out of love' with my jewellery and the making of it.....something that I thought would never happen.....and after a little reflection and period of mourning that also coincided with the acquiring of a fore mentioned 'employment'....I decided to just 'let go' of my attachment to my jewellery and my creativity, and to just focus on my new job and getting the home/finances/family all back in order.

6 Months on, after a complete 'hands off' all things jewellery and a definite avoidance of the studio at the bottom of the garden.....I am now starting to return to my jewellery making.  I have been to market with existing stock, and whilst initially feeling that I didn't want to be there, I am now enjoying it again and feeling less like it is something I have to move away from, but more and once again like it is part of me that I do need to embrace.....but with some changes.

So whilst I am now able again to create jewellery - both from the heart and financial perspectives.....I want to ensure that I don't ever lose my love for it again.  And whilst I am retaining my self-employed status and I will continue to trade and make jewellery......I am reverting back to 'hobby' rather than 'business', thereby taking some of the pressure off myself.  I am also only going to be making jewellery that I like and want to make - I am sure that for every piece I create there is a person out there to give it a good home and love wearing it.  I am not going to be governed by season or commercial high days and holidays, or focusing on what will 'bring in the money'.  The whole point of my making jewellery is that I just wanted to make jewellery because the creative process and intent gives me pleasure and is part of me.  Focusing on the business side of things took me away from that - hence the return to 'hobby status'.

I am also going to allow myself to not accept commissions and to stop doing the fingerprint stuff.....which to be honest I never really enjoyed doing.  If I feel inclined to do the odd commission then that is okay too - but I don't want to feel that 'I have to' because 'we need the money'.  All I ask of my jewellery making is that it is 'self sufficient' - that it will afford me the next pack of PMC, packaging, hallmarking etc and the next trading event, that it will fund some metal clay courses that I would so love to attend, and that in time I may start teaching the odd workshop here and there.

I quoted to a musical friend just the other evening...."You have to experience what you are not, to remember who you are".......and I believe I have done this over the last 6-9 months.  I have stepped back and evaluated my business and my mindset over the last 3 years......and I have come to the conclusion that it is just about the making of the jewellery and my love for it........and as long as I stick with that......then both me and my jewellery will be okay.

So watch this space......because some new pieces will be coming very soon.

Bright Blessings to all.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Last Handcrafted in Bedfordshire Market of 2011!

Well we have got through the year and almost to the end of 2011, and tomorrow is the last handmade in Bedford market of the year.

There will be lots to see and as it is the last market before Christmas...... lots of opportunities to get those last minute gifts.

And on my addition to my handcrafted fine silver jewellery.....I have also created some gold and silver plated beaded earrings, and my new range of copper creations will also be having their first outing, along with some copper Christmas Decorations.....just a little something I thought I would try.
Finally - Whilst having a bit of a clearout - I found some encaustic wax art and Christmas cards that I made a little while ago.  So rather then just keep them in storage I thought I would bring those along too.
That said - there is something to suit everybody's pocket - from £2 upwards.

So for some original art, unique wax greeting cards, fine silver jewellery, copper jewellery and decorations, and beaded earrings and jewellery - come along to my stall tomorrow between 8.30 am and 4.30pm.

I am hoping that the weather stays calm and dry and we have a very prosperous day on which to end our least until April 2012 - which is when we will be back.

Hope to see some tomorrow
Bright Blessings and Seasons Greetings to All xx

Monday, 28 November 2011

New look Website......and other stuff!

As Autumn takes hold and Winter approaches it is very much time to reflect on the past year.  I could have done a lot of things differently, but poor health and financial constraints have made this year a bit of a challenge, and so I am happy to be at a point where I can step back and review, and also plan for the coming New Year.

Firstly, I have a new look website which I have painstakingly built myself.  I am self taught in Dreamweaver, and whilst it may not be the easiest of software to get on with - I am sure there is simpler stuff out there - it is all I had access to it and so I took the plunge.  I am very pleased with what I have done.  It was certainly a learning curve, and I am already planning the next one and thinking of what I could have done differently!!  Anyway - it will do for a while. LOL 

Click here to view the new website.

We Are Bedford Pop Up Emporium

Until 15 December I have the honour of having a selection of my jewellery on display at a temporary Pop up shop in the new Castle Quarter of Bedford.  The shop, organised by the We Are Bedford group is for one month only and closes on 17 December 2011.  Don't let its 'temporary-ness' deter you from visiting....if anything let it emphasise the urgency for you to visit!

Why! - the pop up shop is about the community and it is stocked with loads of locally created handcrafted goods - all 100% genuine handcrafted items - art, fabric crafts, jewellery, furniture - all made locally.

So get along and have a look at what the best of Bedford have to offer - before its too late!!

New Copper Clay

With the price of Silver PMC today - and the fact it has increased so much of the last year - it has become difficult to maintain my creative activities, teaching has also seen some changes and the price of my finished products have also had to increase in line. 

However! There is a new kid on the block - Copper Clay.  It is worked in a similar fashion to silver clay, but it is so much more affordable - thereby making it an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to learn metal clay working, and it also gives me a new look to my products too.

I have tried a sample pack and today have taken delivery of a full pack of clay - which I will shortly be diving into in a creative frenzy! watch this space for new creations.

Holistic Therapies

Finally, I can't remember if I have already mentioned this, but I am now also offering Reflexology and Reiki treatments at The Mews Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic in Bedford.  Although more of a medical centre the clinic does offer some holistic therapies such as Homoeopathy and Nutrition, in addition to Osteopathy and sports massage.  An now, of course, Reflexology and Reiki.

For more details about The Mews Clinic - Click Here.

For details about Reflexology and Reiki - Click Here.

Well that is all for now folks - hope you have a look at all the links above and by all means share them with any interested contacts - the folks following the better!

Bright Blessings to all

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Buy in Person for Christmas

Well, it is that time of year again - the flurry of activity in the run up to Christmas.
If you love my jewellery and want to know where I will be so that you can buy in person before Christmas - avoiding that last minute rush.....I will be at the Handcrafted in Bedfordshire Market in Bedford town centre on: -

Saturday 5 November and Saturday 17 December.

Check out the website first if you like and then come and see the jewellery 'in its silver glory' on one of the above days - do the 'touchy feeling - try before you buy' thing.  I can usually be found outside M & S - though this may be subject to change in December.

For more details about the Handcrafted in Bedfordshire market check out this facebook page.
For my website, click here

Friday, 5 August 2011

Next Market and events

The next Handcrafted in Bedfordshire Market is to be held on Saturday 13 August and I hope to be in my usual spot outside Marks & Spencer.

Saturday 14 August I shall be at the Northampton Festival of Natural Health and Unique Shopping Experience, at the Park Inn in Northampton - 10am to 5pm.

Saturday 20 August I shall be at the Wellingborough Summer Gift and Craft Fair.

I am trusting that these events will be well supported and of course also trusting that I will make sufficient sales.

Bright Blessings to all.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Handcrafted in Bedford Market

The Next Handcrafted in Bedford Market will be on Saturday 11 June 2011 from 8.30am to 4.30pm, in the pedestrianised area of Midland Road, Bedford Town Centre. Our line of stalls run from M & S down to BHS.

There are also a couple of Vintage stalls who attend, in association with the Handcrafted in Bedford (HiB) group.

As a group, we now also have a Facebook Page which I look after on behalf of the crafters. At each market I take photo's of a few of the stalls and get contact details for the crafters, which will all go on the page - thereby making them more accessible to the public outside of the market days.

Take at look at the page by clicking Here and if you are a 'Facebooker' - do please 'like' it and spread the word - particularly if you are local to Bedford. We want to attract more people directly to our market, and not to have to wait for them to just 'stumble' across us in passing. LOL

That's all for now
Thanks for reading


I do so hate to discuss money and prices etc but needs must and all that.......

The price of Precious Metal Clay has increased considerably over the last 12 months - particularly over the last few months.  This time last year a 16g pack of PMC cost around £24, then it went up to £27.  At around Christmas time it went up to £33, and then with the VAT increase to £37.  Then the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.....Of course all our thoughts were with the people of Japan - all of us stunned at what they were having to endure.  I certainly couldn't comprehend losing absolutely everything in a matter of seconds, watching loved ones be washed away.  About a week later I realised that I might actually have just gone out of business......the manufacturer of PMC is in Japan, and on further investigation I found that they had plants close to the damaged reactor.  It wasn't looking good for a while, but as it turns out the PMC plant is actually in the south of Japan, and so thankfully was not directly affected.  However, the above events did have an affect on the stability and price of the Yen.  The result was that the price of PMC rocketed further, and whilst the UK Distributer had held off any price increases until last year, it was not longer possible to cover any fluctuations.  Therefore, after the earthquake a further couple of price increases - the same pack of PMC now costs in the region of £45 (inc VAT).  

Whilst other UK suppliers may well have kept their prices as low as possible for as long as possible, I expect that they too will also have to adjust their prices very soon, if they haven't already.  Even the other brand of metal Clay - Silver Art Clay has also increased there prices by around 60% in one go - so this is happening across the industry.  From my perspective, as I get discount from one supplier I will remain loyal to them because it still beats the cost of getting my supplies from those whose retail price may be slightly less.


This of course has had a knock on affect on the cost of my workshops and the way I charge them.  In the past I have offered all inclusive workshops - prices to include the materials used.  This is no longer possible due to the way the cost of PMC has increased so dramatically, and that it is likely to continue to increase in line with the price of silver.  Because of this - my tuition is now restricted to One ot One sessions and Small Group Tuition (up to 3 students on a course), and these are priced for my time, knowledge and overheads only.  Students will now be required to source and purchase the required materials for the tuition session themselves, and bring the materials to the session. 

My reason for this is that over the past year I have arranged workshops with third party organisers in advance for their advertising etc, and by the time we have got to the workshop and me ordering the materials, the price has increased beyond what my discount will 'buffer', and I have ended up teaching for a lot less or in some cases nothing, as I have had to cover the difference.  Not a good situation when trying to feed a family!

The website is gradually being updated to reflect this, and whilst I enjoy teaching I am drawing back from the number of places that I teach and also the number of coursed that I put on.  I will now be booking the small workshops when I have sufficient numbers interested in attending.


Of course the above price increases have also affected the price of my jewellery.  Older pieces are still priced at what the raw materials cost me when they were made, and it is only the new pieces that are now reflecting the recent price increases.  It has also been necessary for me to increase my hourly rate - and so together in comparing the older pieces against the new there is a noticeable difference in price - but I believe that you are still getting value for money in buying my jewellery directly from me.  Were my Jewellery to be in a gallery or a shop it would be around 30 - 40% more expensive, which I think may well price it out of the market!

I will therefore continue to sell my jewellery directly to the public myself, either through markets, craft fairs or from my website and I trust that those who are already lovers and wears of my jewellery will continue to support me and spread the word about my lovely and beautiful creations.

Thanks to those who have continued to support me during what has been a difficult financial and economic climate for those in the 'luxury' businesses.

Bright Blessings to all xx

Friday, 29 April 2011

New String to my Bow!

Or rather I should say "adding an old string"!

Due to financial constraints and the lack of suitable jobs, in addition to my jewellery making, I will soon also be returning to my previous field of self employment - that of Complementary Therapist treating in Reflexology and Reiki.

When I left the profession some years ago, I always said that there was unfinished business - and I guess, due to the timing and speed at which I have made the decision....and also how 'right' it feels, that now is the time.

I will be continuing with my jewellery making,  and to a lesser degree teaching also, but my focus will now also be on remembering all the theory and getting back up to speed with the treatments.  For a short while - Free Treatments will be available to family and friends - so get them while you can.

Blessings to All

Next Events

St Cuthberts Street Family Festival

Saturday 30 April 2011, 10am to 5.30pm - loads going on including indoor craft village - where you will find me with my jewellery.

All the shops are getting involved too and a fab local group Dynaphone Records will be performing.  This looks to be a fab day out for the family.

Handcrafted in Bedford Market

The next market will be on Saturday 14 May 2011 - come on down to Bedford Town Centre and find us in Midland Road (pedestrianised area) - and me you will find outside M & S.

Hope to see you soon

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Countdown to the start of the Handcrafted in Bedfordshire Markets!

Well the day is looming - the first 2011 Handcrafted in Bedfordshire Market is to be held on Saturday 9th April, and from then on the 2nd Saturday of the month from April through to November.

Now in case you haven't yet been to one of the HiB markets, they or rather we (the crafty traders) can be found in Bedford town centre in the pedestrianised area of Midland Road. This would be the bit running from M & S down past BHS and Primark.

The majority of the stalls are all selling items handcrafted by the trader or a family member - and these are genuine handcrafted goods of a high quality - and they are all made in and around Bedford and Bedfordshire. There may also be a couple of 'vintage' stalls - again selling quality items but from long gone era's.

Of course - I will be there with my jewellery - and if you are not already acquinted with it - it is all personally handcrafted by me. I work in Precious Metal Clay, which is pure silver that has been ground into tiny particles and combined with an organic binder and some water - giving it a putty like consistancy. It is a fabulous material to work with and allows both texture and form to be applied with relative ease to create the most gorgeous Fine Silver Jewellery, which undergo the same testing and hallmarking as all precious metals, and whereas Sterling Silver is hallmarked as 92.5% silver, my jewellery is hallmarked as 99.9% fine silver.

Each item is a unique one-off piece, though I am currently working on some duplicable ranges, which although designed to replicated, will in themselves each be unique, due to processes involved in their handcrafting.

So....take a look at my website, particularly the fine silver jewellery page, and if you see anything that you like the look of, come on down to the market on the 9th to view it in person, or if you can't wait that long - buy it online through secure payment with PayPal.

Here are all the dates for the markets......

9th April
14th May
11th June
9th July
13th August
10th September
8th October
5th November
Sunday 18th of Dec.

Do come and support your local craftspeople - it has been a tough 12 months so Here's to a better 2011.

Hopefully I will see you there.

Bright blessings to All

The Random Journeys of an Aries Moon: Mercury Retrograde II - Re-booting and Relishing t...

Check this out from a friend of mine - very fluent in astrology and delivers it in easy to understand lingo - no jargon! The Random Journeys of an Aries Moon: Mercury Retrograde II - Re-booting and Relishing t...: "Below is a post I wrote yesterday, as Mercury was stationing at 25 Aries. I’m writing this in a virtual “black hole” in communication terms..."

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Next workshop Saturday 26 March

There are still places left on my workshop so if you fancy a day out being creative making fine silver jewellery - then click here for full details.  The deadline for bookings and payments is Tuesday 22nd.

Picture shows an example of the types of jewellery you may be able to make on the day - of course of your own design - you can expect to make at least 2 pieces - maybe more depending upon size.
These items were created on another recent Intro workshops, and none of the students had prior experience.

The next workshop is to be held on Saturday 23 April and the topic is PMC & Fused Glass - click here for full details.

This is the style of jewellery we will be making on the day and again, many on the workshop had not had prior experience, though some had already attended an Intro day.  Not all the students wanted to make two glass pieces, so they made some 'just silver' items in addition to their glass with silver surround.

Check out the full website for details of all I do - click here

Hope to see you sometime soon

Bright Blessings to All

Sunday, 16 January 2011

PMC Workshop 22 January 2011

There are still some places left on my Precious Metal Clay workshop on 22 January.  If you are interested and would like to attend then contact Tudor Rose Patchwork, who are organising it via the following link and check out the courses/workshops.

You pay a booking fee to Tudor Rose Patchwork, and you pay me directly for the materials.  At the end of the day you leave with a piece of fine silver jewellery that you will be proud to wear, knowing it is of your own design.

Saturday's workshop topic is that of a domed hollow pendant/accent bead.

Check out my website for more details on other workshops, if you can't make the above date.

Hope to see you.


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Newsletter Jan 2011

Here's the first Newsletter of 2011.  I hope that these will be quarterly or every couple of months.
Click here to view newsletter.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

2011 is upon us and I really do hope that it proves to be a very happy and prosperous year for all.

So as the New Year has started and I have said a very relieved farewell to 2010 - yes I was pleased to see the back of it (LOL)......I turn my attention to what I learnt about myself in 2010, what I did right, what I did wrong or could have done differently, and what positive steps I can take forward into 2011.  So as the we entered into January I made a firm commitment to myself to start as I meant to go on, not to let mishaps and other things side track me, not to get dispondent or down hearted.....and basically to stay focused, motivated and to just get on with it regardless.  And so that is what I am doing.  Things still aren't great......but at least my head is now in the right place to deal with it and push through it.

Reading my last entry, I should correct something - the band that Holly joined actually lost the lead singer within a matter of days, so that was very short lived!  She is however now in another band - still early days, but hopefully this will be a better opportunity for her, and at least the previous lead singer is actually giving her vocal coaching, we really can't be faulted and is so generous of her.  So I will let you know when they are doing a gig next.  She does still sing at open mic nights though, and that is always worth going to.

The website has been updated with all the new 2011 Workshop dates, so if you are interested in learning to make Fine Silver Jewellery and working with Precious Metal Clay, then take a look - lots of dates and prices to choose from.

I am currently taking a little time out from jewellery making whilst I evaluate what has and hasn't sold well, and also while I decide what I really want to make - where my heart lies and also what style of jewellery I can do that will actually earn me a living.  Lots to think about and perhaps some changes too.

Apart from my website ( you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter - the buttons to those are on the left - it would be great to have some new followers and fans.

I started doing a newsletter last year, but this dwindled....more down to me than anything I plan to resurrect this very soon - so if anyone has anything they would like me to add to it that relates to my jewellery or workshops, or maybe you would like to advertise something in it, then get in touch with me.

Finally, I would like to say a huge Thank You to friends and family who have supported me during 2010, and also to customers and students who have stuck with me.  It really does mean a lot to know that you are out there rooting for me, and it really has helped me to start 2011 with a new found sence of ambition.

Bright New Year Blessings to All


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Catch Up!!

Hi to All!

It has been quite a while since I tapped the keys to keep in touch with you, and for that I am sorry.  Things haven't been great at this end. 
Financial difficulties, car breaking down, being fixed and then still not right, being fixed and then breathing its last, being without a car for about 4 weeks, Dishwasher then breathing its last, Hubby having new job and living away midweek, and then Hubby being ill (thankfully not him breathing his last!!) - It has all been very challenging for me.  Lot of tears (a need to release the frustration and annoyance at the situation) and a real urge to just go and sit in a corner, suck my thumb and rock quietly back and forth - a case of 'stop the world - I want to get off!!
Happily though - the financial situ has been temporarily sorted - but I do need to go and get a 'day job' fairly soon - as succinctly put by my 15 year old (!) - I now have a car which though used is new to me and will hopefully be good for a few years to come.  As for the Dishwasher......thats why we had children so they can just get on with it! 
Hubby is still poorly with this raging sore throat and horrid cough which is keeping us both awake at night.  A visit to the doc and he has antibiotics and something to help him sleep.  Brilliant we thought.  Trouble is whilst he wasn't able to rest and sleep properly he was at least quiter with the exception of the coughing. For some reason the snoring had stopped.  Last night with the help of his medicine - he slept much better - except he was so much noisier - what with the coughing and spluttering, wheezing and snoring, and his heavy breathing was so much thinks the settee is looking very inviting tonight!
As for me - lack of sleep hasn't helped, but I am now feeling that things are getting better and I am hoping that the uncomfortable challenges of the last few months have now subsided and that things will soon be back on an even keel, and I will be feeling less stressed and challenged by it all.

Good News for daughter #2 - Holly. She went along to a friends gig and was invited to sing with the band - providing backing for the lead singer on a couple of numbers.  It was only during the sound check that we found out that they were considering her for the band depending upon how it went.  Shock and jubilation - she is now their backing singer - and she only 15!! Their first gig is to be 18 December and you can follow the band 'Spoilt for choice' from this link: -!/spoiltforchoicelive

As for my jewellery job - I am of course going to continue this - fitting it around everything else (somehow!) and the teaching will also continue, but only at weekends.  I am of course hoping that the additional job will be a temporary thing, but needs must when the Devil drives, and it may actually provide me with the opportunity to step back a little - rethink my business plan and desires, and actually help me to get closer to them.

The next workshop is 30 October at Raleigh House, Bedford, and this is PMC & Nature day.  Come along to make items of jewellery inspired directly from Mother Nature herself, using textures and shapes taken directly from bark, leaves, twigs, shells etc.

Generally speaking, from conversations with friends, it seems that the last few months have heralded a time of great change for many - challenges, upheaval and generally trying times.  This suggests to me that many of us are indeed being challenged to face some of our own demons,outdated beliefs and repeating patterns of behaviour, in an effort to help us to let them go and more forward to bigger and better things.

On this positive note I offer Bright Blessings to All, until next time.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Great Barford Show

Come for a great day out at the Great Barford Show - there will be Dog Shows and Craft Stalls and much much more (I think! LOL). Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 10am to 6pm (I think!)......I will be there with my jewellery, so come along and say Hi!.

Hope to see you there.

Bright Blessings to All

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Morning - and having woken up with my head and chest buzzing with ideas for work, I reminded myself that it was Sunday and probably my only day off for the next two weeks.  On top of that, Hubby starts a new contract up in Chesterfield - which means he is away all week and I am once again a single parent with two teenagers and a full time business, which does miraculously appear to have turned around for the better in the last two weeks.  I am thinking that life is going to be very hectic.

So - this morning I pursuaded myself to just relax and stop thinking about work, and so I snuggled into Hubby and managed a nice long doze.  Thats what Sunday mornings should be about - warm & snuggly.

To make my Sunday even better I have decided upon a nice homemade minced beef pie with lots of potatoes, veg and gravy.  I love shortcrust pastry and gravy - a real treat - and very much my kind of 'comfort food'.

And there is still more - friend and tarot reader extraordinaire - Spellbound Sue - put out a call for volunteers to have readings from the students on her tarot workshop today.  So I have that to look foward to aswell - Hubby is having one also - so it seems quite appropriate as our lives are seemingly taking yet another turn.  Maybe this will give us clues as to what affect these changes might have on us as individuals.

I have very much to be grateful for over the last few weeks, and I suppose also this last year, though it has been extremely difficult at times for a number of reasons, but we have got through it and things are definately changing for the better on many levels - and so I guess the journey, although rough - was a means to an end, and with all the recent revellations that have manifested in my self awareness, I can't help but think that they marked the start of the end, and the beginning of the new...and so it was no surprise that my online Tarot card last night was the Death card - letting go of the old and embracing the new - rebirth. 

I don't know what the future holds - but I know that there is nothing to fear in change but fear itself - and so I embrace the change that is coming and trust that The Powers that Be only and always have my best interests in mind, and support me on every level.  And with that in mind I guess it is time for me to start nurturing myself also.

I offer Bright Blessings to All - and wish you all that you wish for yourselves.

Jane xx

Friday, 17 September 2010

The Crafty Cupcake!

I am very pleased to announce that I can now offer two events through The Crafty Cupcake in Gamlingay.

Wednesday 6 October 2010 - 10am to 2pm - Fingerprints in Silver.
Come along with your child/children and have their fingerprint(s) taken in a mould, which I then use to create a beautiful Fine Silver Keepsake.  Maybe just a simple charm for you to put on an existing chain or bracelet, or maybe you want to order the chain, bracelet or keyfob as well.  Alternatively, maybe you want to commission a 'stand alone'  piece of jewellery which incorporates the fingerprint.  Simply book your session with The Crafy Cupcake in advance, and come along on the day.  A deposit on booking will be required - details to follow very soon.

Saturday 13 November 2010 - 10am to 5pm - An Introduction to Precious Metal Clay Workshop.
You too can make Fine Silver Jewellery! Come along and spend the day learning how to apply texture, cut out, get the best finish, Fire, burnish and polish your Precious Metal Clay into a beautiful piece (or pieces) of Fine Silver Jewellery to take home with you and wear with pride.
More details and prices coming soon - you will be required to pay a workshop fee to The Crafty Cupcake to book your place, and Material costs to me on the day.

These details are not yet on the you will need to book direct with The Crafty Cupcake.  Click on the link to register your interest.


Having come so close to idly watching my dreams slip away before me, I pulled myself up by the boot straps and decided that this month - September - I would turn it all around.  I wasn't going to Quit.  I wasn't going to ignore the situation. I was going to do my damndest to manifest a change in my circumstances, or at least go down with one final and huge effort.  So I let out my cry of desperation and hope - "I will change - I will change things and I NOW CHOOSE to turn my fortune around THIS MONTH". And then in my thoughts, a rather weak voice utters......"and if I don't I will just go and get a 'proper job' - I must take responsibility for this mess - I must look after my family."

It was official - I had hit the bottom!

Well I have to say that my determination does appear to have paid off.  I think the 'PsTB' (Powers That Be - for the uninitiated!) were watching to see what I did next - and if positive they might just help.
First - I had a brill day at the Handcrafted in Bedford market - very profitable for the purse - I was very happy.
Then, though the Potton Show did not manifest some immediate financial reward, I did make a contact who was interested in selling my jewellery and in my teaching for her.  More on that later - but a very fortunate new contact and I dare to say - potentially a new friend!
More commissions for stud and clip on earrings have come in from The Stani Gallery - so extra work there.
The workshop on September 18 at Raleigh House (council Adult Education) is actually going ahead - it has been a long haul - but finally there has been enough interest - so that is good to.
And then finally - having given myself a good talking to - I have programmed in my own workshops for 2011 - all set and now on the website.  Yes they are more expensive than those I teach through Tudor Rose Patchwork and Adult education, but then I am also taking on the responsibility of providing a suitable training venue and advertising them, and they are not subsidised by the govenment or adjacent businesses - so taking all that into account - you can see why they cost a little more. 
Why would people come to my workshops when they can get me cheaper elsewhere? - I will be honest in saying that this does concern me - but then my workshops do compare favourably to other private PMC tuition available - so I am trusting that there is a market for all my classes - regardless of whether they are organised by me or a third party.  Trusting the PsTB!

So all in all - it looks like my fortune may just be starting to improve - and I am very grateful.


The result of the sudden influx of work.....of my realising that I might actually have indeed turned things around........that I may not have to get a proper job after all.......that I might actually succeed and continue my dream....... why I am in a complete state of panic! - 'Rabbit in headlights' springs to mind! LOL
I feel like all my demons (though I recognise that maybe there are still a few lurking in the shadows!) have risen to the surface to deal NOW!

So - rather than sticking head in sand or running in opposite direction - I am Trusting that I am up to this challenge.  That step by step I can achieve everything. That I recognise there is always room for improvement - and I shall get there soon. And Finally - that Everything is Exactly and Divinely where it is Meant to Be!  So with that in mind - No Worries!

It is what it is - and I am so happy to be 'In this Moment'.

Bright Blessings to Everyone

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New Jewellery, Workshops and Me!

Finally, I have finished updating the website with new pieces - there are lots more earrings, a few pendants, rings and a new brooch - so click on the Leaf photo above to visit the website and take a look.

I have just received a new commission today - a bit of a challenge I think, to make a bangle and ring. I am looking forward to it, though I do have a couple of commissions still on the go. 

I have recently come to the conclusion that I have many 'personal demons' still to conquer, which have perhaps stopped me from making more of my life/business than I currently have.  This is not an easy thing to admit to - but I have at last made some honest observations about myself and attitude to certain things, and so in doing so, I hope and trust that I will now be able to move forward more freely and become more of the person I had hoped I always would be, and less of the person I became through fear of myself and success.  There's a revelation for you!

My Website was always going to be just the business.  Facebook and Twitter more ways to reach out and promote the website, and with Facebook a little more of me with the business side of things too.  I always felt that this blog would be more personal, and although relating to my jewellery - would also give you an insight into the person behind the jewellery.....and the above paragraph definately falls into the latter.

Two PMC workshops coming up soon - 16 September - Raleigh House/Adult learning in Bedford - this workshop is an Introduction to Precious Metal Clay, and then on 5 October - Tudor Rose Patchwork/Oakly, Nr Bedford - this workshop topic is on beads and clasps.  There are more workshops at both venues in October and November, so take a look at the website

Finally - do register your votes on the 4 Polls to the left - it would be of great help to me.

Well that is all for now, so hope to catch up with you soon.
Bright Blessings to All

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Website has been updated with a few new pieces and also which pieces are now at the Stani Gallery.  Take a look.  More pieces to updated very soon, so keep on checking in.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Polls have been re-opened!

Oops! forgot to mention........the Polls to the left have been re-opened for please help me to improve my services etc by letting me know what you think.  Thanks x

Less Markets & More Products!

Well after a lot of soul searching, I have finally made the decision to do less markets and craft fairs.  I don't think that they are the best outlet for me, and although I can reach people at market with regards to advertising, it is very 'hit and miss' with regard to selling, Particularly in the current financial climate - and I simply can not afford any longer to pay out money for stalls at events, and not come home in profit.

So, what to do instead......Well the choice now is to either buy directly from me via the website, or buy from those now stocking my jewellery - which currently are The Stani Gallery at Stony Stratford (, and The Mews Clinic in Bedford (  I will add further stockists to my website in due course.

If you prefer to view before you buy, and you are local to Bedford, then I am happy to bring a selection of items to you to view prior to buying - alternatively, you may wish to hold a Jewellery Party for yourself and friends to buy direct on the night.  I will also be reviewing my Refund Policy in an attempt to accomodate the fact that jewellery is very much a touchy feeling I will let you know when I have sorted this also.

I have been busy designing collections lately, so am now planning to start making these.  They will not be One-off collections....I will make repeat orders, though as they are handcrafted there still will be some natural differences in the collections, maintaining my desired Uniqueness and Individuality with each piece......So watch this space!

I will also be continuing with my love for making beaded earrings, so these will cater for those with perhaps a less full purse, but still a disearning eye for quality silver jewellery.

I think that brings us up to date, so I will say farewell for now and until next time.  Life has become rather busy as the demographics of the de Lacey Munday clan has changed somewhat, with the arrival of my Parents in Law to Bedford, so much time is currently being spent helping them to get settled at my Sister in Laws in the short term, with much house-viewing in the meantime.  I am becoming a habitual houseviewer I hope I don't get the bug to move house myself! LOL

Bright Blessings & Love to all

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

It's been a while!

Sorry folks - it has been a while since I have tapped these keys and blogged a little.  It has been busy in some ways and not so in others - at times I haven't been certain whether batting or bowling, but I am still here. LOL

I survived the River Festival and was very please by the response from the public, especially those who bought from me.  Though I have to say it did feel a little claustaphobic at times in my little stall as it was engulfed by people passing - there really wasn't much room on the embankment, and at times I was actually worried that someone might end up in the River Ouse!!  Luckily nothing untoward happened and a good time was had by all.  Have to say though, that it took me over week to recover - so tiring to do, and oh my aching joints, being on feet all day.  But that is the joy of being on a market stall. LOL!

Went back to my roots a little for the River Festival and made Beaded earrings again - haven't done that in a while, but I also added little fine silver embellishments that I created.  The earrings went really well and it was a pleasure to do.  Think I will be keeping that side of things now - I had actually missed making them.

Precious Metal Clay Workshops coming up - so take a look at the website - I will put details up here at some point soon, but just wanted to add a quick blog so you knew I hadn't forgotten about it.

Thats all for now.

Bright Fortuitous Blessings to All

Saturday, 19 June 2010

What a day!

It is 2.25am on friday.....and I have worked on my website for two days.  I am actually trying to get up to date with everything so that I can focus on the teaching and the new commissions, except the website took so long that I am still behind a day, despite my best efforts.  Tomorrow I tidy the studio and the I am hoping the dining room, and then I will be able to focus on everything else. 
I am really looking forward to all the upcoming teaching, and can't wait to get making in readiness for the River Festival.  I do want to get the commissions done I am thinking that it will be work, work, work until after the 18th July, and then there's the girls birthdays, which we are celebrating late (due to me being at the river festival!) and so it goes on.  After which I will have to start making with Xmas in mind!!!  Bring on the summer and August, because I am soooooo taking a week off!! LOL

Anyway.......yes I am tired and going to bed.....but not before I say........Website updated - new jewellery and list of stockists - new pictures on fingerprints and commissions pages......take a look, why don't you!

Good Night all

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Two New Polls to take part in.

Look to the left and their are two polls for you to vote on anonymously - it will help me to improve the service I offer - so why not give it a go.
Thanking you in anticipation...

To Market! To Market!........

I shall be at market on Saturday 12 June 2010 from 9.30 to 4.30 in Bedford.  I am with the Handcrafted in Bedfordshire group, so all the stalls in our group contain products made by the person selling them, or a family representative.  In addition to my personally and individually handcrafted Unique jewellery, there are also another two jewellery stalls of different genres, and then there is glass, pottery, wooden crafts, fabric name but a few, and we now also have two vinage stalls with us selling vintage clothes, handbags and jewellery.  Lots for people to see, in amongst the usual Saturday Market stalls.
We all accept cash - most probably accept handwritten cheques - very few if any accept credit/debit cards.  As I have a website you can place a purchase order with me at events to hold the item, and then buy online within a specified period, or I can send you a paypal invoice.  Either way the item will be sent to you by next day special delivery once money has been received.
Check out my website for an idea of what I have to offer and come and meet me and view my jewellery 'in the flesh' so to speak on Saturday.
Hope to see you then...
Love & Light

It's been a while!!

Well, it has been a little while since I have written anything of relevance here, certainly not jewellery related anyway. 
I have mentioned Fathers Day...and there are some lovely silver cufflinks and man pendants now available.
I am in the process of updating the website with more new creations, so bear with me - I am only one person and am doing my best at the moment, which I have been finding increasingly difficult of late.  I remember a book (or it may have been a film) called 'The Loneliness of a long distance runner', well the same could be said of self employment, particularly when working from home.  Sometimes it can be really difficult to stay positive and motivated, when it feels like I am just banging my head against a brick wall.  I don't doubt my product - I know my jewellery is lovely - I get praise and compliments where ever I take it and when ever I display it.  I know my prices are accurate - I regularly check that they are in line with similar products, and I use the same pricing 'equation' on everything I do.  Yet people just aren't buying.....I guess it is the recession....or maybe selling on the market isn't the right 'market place' for it.  But the market is more affordable and regular than craft what do I do?
Anyway, the up shot of my little moan is that I am clinging on by the fingernails.....clinging to my dream......and hoping that we don't go under in the process.  So the the last few weeks have been very difficult and have taken their toll on me....but I believe that I am coming out the other side.  Today I actually went into the studio to work on some commissions, first time in a couple of weeks, and it felt good, so if I hold on to this positive feeling, hold on to why I enjoy doing this, hopefully it will see me through until people start buying my jewellery again.
What would help, would be if you like my jewellery, then follow me on the various internet sites and most of all - buy it.  They are all one off pieces never to be seen again.....

Bright, Positive, Divine Blessings to All.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Escape

Friends have a band which is really awesome......check it out.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Fathers Day is coming!!

For that special man in your life.....Your Daddy......what about some handcrafted fine silver adornments?!  Go to my business facebook page - see link below to left - for a preview of some cufflinks and man pendants.  They are in the Photos link.  They will be going up on the website later in the week - but if you see something you me using the contact number on the website.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Discussion Topic and Reviews on Facebook

There is now a new discussion topic on Facebook - so take a look and give me your feedback - it is always appreciated and it does actually help me to improve the services and products I provide.

It would also be really nice if I had a couple of positive reviews posted on the Facebook if you are happy with what I have sold you, then a review from you on the site would be lovely.

As it is Sunday, I will resist the temptation to work properly today and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Looking forward to a BBQ today at a friends house with the family, and tomorrow there is the White Horse and open mic night - always a must - particularly with it being big band night.

Bright Blessings to all

Friday, 28 May 2010

New Polls to Vote on Now!

Not long to vote on these - two simple questions.......
Would you or do you buy jewellery online from the internet?
Where would you buy handcrafted fine silver jewellery from?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks J x

Times are a Changing!!

Well this has been a very interesting week.  I wouldn't say that anything remarkable or special has happened....but I have realised a few things....or more so that a few things have gradually dawned on me - which I don't think is a bad thing.

Markets: After another disappointing day a market, I find myself again questioning whether it is the right place for me to be...or rather for my jewellery to be.  Lots of people stop and compliment my work, and some do buy from me.......but I am barely covering my costs and on some days making a loss.  This is clearly not the way to run a business.  I enjoy meeting new/potential and existing customers, and I love the fact that everyone seems to get my jewellery and love it's uniqueness, but if the praise isn't coming via the wallet as well as verbally, then I have to rethink where I am selling my jewellery and ask the question - is the market place the right 'market'?  So - I will be rethinking this aspect of my business and looking for alternative places to sell.  This may force me to face my own demons and challenge my fears.....but I think I am now in a place where I can rise to this particular challenge.

Workshops: Another workshop with Adult learning has been cancelled due to not enough students on it.  I am a little disappointed as it means I don't earn any money, but at the same time I have been wondering about this environment for teaching - do I want to be part of a big council department with all its rules and regulations etc.....or am I quite happy teaching privately where I am in control?  Another question for me to ponder.

I did think that teaching through the council would make my workshops more affordable for students so that they were more accessible to the public.....but if there is no take up, then it appears that affordable workshops are not wanted.  As my private workshops did run...this suggests that people would rather pay £80 to learn then half that with the council.  I don't get the logic either....but that is what appears to be the case!

Website: - do people want to buy jewellery online?  I think a new poll is coming soon - perhaps you want to try before you buy!  Maybe my photos aren't clear enough.  Whatever the reason...I would like to increase sales on the I will be adding a new poll to the blog and my facebook page to get the relevant feedback - so watch this space.

I have been working really hard the last couple of weeks, and today I am taking a rest, but only so that I can evaluate and review for a way forward with the business for the next chapter of its evolution.

I have no regrets about giving up the 'day job' just over a year has confirmed that I am doing what I am meant to be doing.....but don't think it is easy or that I have the luxury of a spouse earning income for the whole family.  No - this is a labour of love and I have been coining the phrase 'struggling artist' lately, but it dawned on me that this was just going to attract more of the whilst things may be a little challenging at the moment, I am very lucky, we are surviving and I completely trust that we are being 'taken care of' by the 'Powers that be' (whatever your perception of that might be!), and so I trust that we are alright and it is getting better all the time.

Well that is my 'ramble through my mind' for the day ......contemplating the trails and tribulations of being Me the Jewellery Creator certainly helps to focus the mind and gain some clarity in what is my life, my business and my love.

Bright Divine Blessings to all


Friday, 21 May 2010

The Stani Gallery - Opens Today - 22 May 2010!!

I can't believe I haven't already mentioned this on my blog - a definate ommission on my part.  Bad Janie!!
The Stani Gallery in Stony Stratford High street is owned by a friend of mine (Suzi Whittacker - Resident Artist!) and she kindly invited me to exhibit my jewellery at the Gallery.  As this was to be my gallery debut, this was both an honour and a little frightening too.  Lots of anxiety - what if my jewellery wasn't good enough, or didn't compare well to the other 3 jewellers, or the prices were too high, or a hundred and one other doubts and fears that rose to the surface.  Of course I kept beating them down as I truely want to believe that a Gallery was a better 'market place' for my jewellery than 'my going to market'.

Well we had the 'invitation only preview' last night, and it was most enjoyable and certainly put many of my doubts to rest.  I also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with two of the other three jewellers - both lovely people who are very talented in their own particular fields of jewellery.

So today I went to Bedford Market with my jewellery - a gloriously sunny day - it was lovely.  Lots of people going about their business.  Unfortunately, whilst I did manage to photograph all my new stock and price it and get it on display - and whilst a few did compliment my talants - it was a very slow and disappointing day - not a penny made.  I did reflect during the day on whether my belief that the 'market' just wasn't the right setting for my jewellery was the thing blocking my sales, or whether it actually wasn't the right place for me, or whether it was 'just the recession' and would pick up soon.  I figured I would tackle the mental aspect of it and try to change the limiting belief and then review.  I also pondered the idea that the Gallery might be better and I should just get all my jewellery in shops/stockists.

However, I guess I got my answer when I came home...
Today the gallery was 'closed after the night before' in preparation for the grand opening tomorrow - however inspite of that they still managed to sell a piece of my jewellery - and not one of the more affordable pieces, but one of the expensive pieces.  To say I was 'cock-a-hoop' would be an understatement.  I am soooooooo Happy!!
It also tells me that perhaps stockist/galleries/shops may be the answer.  And I sale doesn't necessarily make a regular thing - but I live in hope.

So..if you are in Stony Stratford, or live close by and fancy a day out...why not go and visit the gallery - it is absolutely packed to the rafters with fabulous art, pottery, glassware and of course jewellery.  Their website is, if you would like to take a little look and find out about us artists and artisans.

blessings to all

Thursday, 20 May 2010

New Jewellery on its way!!

Hi Everyone,
I have been very busy the last 10 days making lots of lovely new jewellery - all handcrafted from the raw material of Precious Metal Clay......I don't just buy in stuff and assemble it you know!! No everything you see here, and on my website, has been personally created by me, by hand - even the polishing is done by hand, with a little help of a tumbler at the very end if I want a really high shine.  These pieces will all be on the website and priced very soon.

That said, I have a very busy few days too....tomorrow I shall be at St Pauls Square in Bedford at the Static market stalls - It is Adult learners week this week, and I will be with the Central Beds Adult Skills and Community Learning team, promoting all the workshops and courses that are available....including my own as listed below in a previous little bloggette!  Then tomorrow evening, I will be attending the invite only preview of the new gallery....with the grand opening being on 22 May 2010.  That will be exciting as some of my jewellery is on display there - my gallery debut!!

Friday - I hope to be at Market....I will have to let you know...check the website or facebook page to confirm.

Saturday - Back to the Gallery for the opening.

Sunday - Shuttleworth Open Day - find me in the Craft Hall!!

Good job I have people at home picking up the slack with the house etc !!

More jewellery coming soon - some still to be completed, some due to be sent to Assay office for testing and hallmarking, some just waiting for chains etc.  So watch this space!!

Bright Blessings to All

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Yet more technology.....!!!

I am now also tweeting or twittering.....or whatever it is called.  Anyway, you can now find me on Twitter - click the twitter button on the left or type into your search bar, whatever your preference.  Or you could just click on it!!!!  I was doing so well and now I seem to have taken a down turn...IT wise!!

Blessings!! LOL

New PMC Workshops in Adult Education

In place of the cancelled 6 session course on Precioous Metal Clay, there are now 3 individual workshops covering different aspects of using PMC.  All the workshops are open to complete beginners and are students will go home with their finished pieces of jewellery at the end of the workshop.  You can just do one or two of the workshops, or you can do all the workshops if you fancy.  Here are the dates and some of the details - more details can be found on my website.

Saturday 29 May 2010: - Pendants & Earrings,  Course Ref: BR626D3N
This workshop will teach the basics of using lump clay, such as applying texture, cutting and shaping. We will look at the different styles of bails to put on pendants, and cover the basics of making simple earrings.

Saturday 19 June 2010: - PMC & Fused Glass,  Course Ref: BR625D3N
This workshop will teach the importance of tension with the clay to surround the glass, and will also look at using glass on top of the silver. You will be making two pendants which incorporate glass.

Saturday 26 June: - PMC & Nature,  Course Ref: BR627D3N
This workshop will include the use of PMC paste, and you will be making interesting items inspired directly from nature, in addtion to a leaf pendant, using an actual leaf from the garden.

Times will be from 10am to 5pm, and the workshops take place at Rayleigh House in Bedford.

View the full course information sheets and use the links to the Central Beds Adult Skills and Community Learning site, where you can book your place.

In addition to the above, I am also teaching at Tudor Rose Patchwork, in Oakley near Bedford.  Here are their teaching dates & topics, and full details and links to Tudor Rose Patchwork can be found on my site on the PMC Workshop page.

Thursday 24 June - Pendant with fused glass cabachon workshop
Saturday 21 August - PMC and Nature Day
Tuesday 5 October - PMC Clasp and Bead Day

Hope to see you on one of the above.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


This pebble textured pendant is currently on offer with 10% off, until 1st June.  Usually £53, you can buy it on the website for £47.70.  However, if you are a Blog Follower of mine......instead of buying directly from the website - email me your desire to purchase, I will send you a paypal invoice giving you an extra 5% discount (so you pay only £45.05).  On receipt of payment I will then send the item to you.  So Buy now to receive this special offer.
Full details of the pendant are shown on the website -

Friday, 7 May 2010

Handcrafted in Bedfordshire Market - Tomorrow!!

I will be at market tomorrow (Saturday 8 May) in Bedford town centre.....find me (probably) outside Marks & Spencer.
I will also have with me a selection of handcrafted tiaras (by my own fair hand) which I am no longer stocking or creating, so they are all on offer. So be it a wedding, confirmation or prom, there may just be something there for you.
Hope to see you tomorrow at market.
Bright Blessings

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Family Gathering or Selling Opportunity?

Well on bank holiday Sunday I had the pleasure of attending a family &friends gathering, and although I had been asked to take my jewellery along, I wasn't expecting anything other than some feedback. To my delight and surprise a friend not only bought some earrings from me to give as a gift, but also commissioned me to make some pieces for her this Thursday!! (I should say at this point that whilst I am typing this elements of the commission are drying, so I am not actually wasting time as it may appear!! LOL)Needless to say I am now rather busy in my efforts to get the commission ready in time. I usually quote a couple of months on commissions, simply to allow time for everything else in between, so whilst I am feeling the pressure of the deadline, I think this will be a good exercise for me to see just how quickly I can turn things around.

On a separate note, some of my jewellery has now gone to be displayed in The Stani Gallery, due to open on 22 May 2010, so my stocks are a little depleted. That said, I do plan to be at market on Saturday, and maybe even this Friday too - I will see how things go.

Bye for now and Bright Blessings to all.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Happy Days!

I have had a lovely day today working in my studio. The sun has been shining, the stable door has been open all day, and as I have been working away on my newest creations, I had the pleasure of listening to the birds and bees twitter and buzz around the garden. Sometimes my concentration and focus is such that natures chattering just blocks out any other noise - even the music I have playing in my studio just seems to fade as the bird songs take over. As my mind focuses on what my hands are creating, it is almost as though nature is giving me an overture to spur me on.
This has got to be my most favourite time of year to be creating jewellery. It all feels so optimistic as the sun gets warmer and the days longer.
I really do love spring!

On a more practical matter, of course all of the above leads me to say that I have been making more jewellery so will be giving a sneak preview probably next week.

I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but I have been invited to display my jewellery at a new gallery that is opening in Stony Stratford on 22 May. I am really looking forward to this as it will be my debut in any kind of gallery - this is a huge step forward for me. It also means that I do need to make lots more jewellery so that I can have stock in the gallery, at my sister-in-laws clinic, and still have stock to go to market with - not to mention the River Festival in July, which I am hopefully going to be attending.

There are lots of things happening.......Isn't spring just wonderful.....all the potential just waiting to burst out into bloom!

Bright blessings to all
Love, light and laughter

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thursday 22/4/10

Well what a lovely day at market I had - the sun was shining (though still a little chilly in the shade) and plenty of interest in jewellery and sales. I am really looking forward to market again tomorrow, so hopefully those who said they would come back tomorrow will, and I will have another fantastic day.
I was hoping to be closer to the main pedestrian area tomorrow, but I will be in the same place as I was today.
The last three months have been very slow and dispondency had set is amazing what a couple of good days can do for that - completely blown it away and I am now feeling very positive and back on track.
Oh I do love spring and the sun!
Hope to see you tomorrow!
Bright Blessings

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

To Market! To Market!........

I shall be at bedford market, outside the harper suite tomorrow in a Bedford markets gazeebo.....and then on Friday, providing the weather stays good I shall be there again with my own market stall. Though on Friday I may try and get a place closer to the pedestrian crossroads - ie Beales and M&S. Times are, I think, from 9.00am to 4pm, or there abouts.

It will be a lovely day so if you are out and about...I hope you'll stop and say hello!

Light and Laughter to all

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Precious Metal Course with Beds Adult Skills and Community Learning.

I was due to teach a 6 session course, commencing 24 April (this saturday), unfortunately, there are not enough students booked on the course to make it viable, therefore it will not run.
However, all is not lost......after discussions with the relevant people in charge, we have decided that I will run 3 seperate individual workshops starting on 29 May. All of these workshops will be suitable for beginners, and instead of paying once fee for 6 weeks, you can book and pay for each session individually.
So watch this space for more details....alternatively, check out the website or the facebook page.
Love and Light

Giving a Talk to the WI!

Well I have just come back from a lovely afternoon with the Women's Institute, having given a talk to them on me, my jewellery and precious metal clay, as their guest speaker. They were very welcoming and also very appreciative of my presentation. And they had a little surprise for me!
Not only did they pay for giving the talk (I wasn't expecting that!), some of the ladies also bought some of my jewellery, which was a lovely surprise, particularly as I nearly didn't take my jewellery with me!! So glad I did. LOL

So it is safe to say that I am more than happy to give talks to the WI, and any other ladies groups and organisations that may require a guest speaker.

It is a lovely day here in Bedford...the sun is shining and I am feeling uplifted and refreshed.

Bright blessings to all

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Morning after the night before!!

Well after a lovely evening with friends last night, good food, good company, a clear night with beautiful stars, a fire pit and a good amount of vino and beer, we are all starting to stir......I think perhaps a few 'thick' heads may exist. Best find the pain killers and get the English cooked breakfast going!

I am really enjoying having my friends to stay, but at the back of my mind it is 'work, work, work', so I am resisting the temptation to work on a Sunday, allowing myself one extra day to kick back and relax with my dear friends......but tomorrow and all of next week I will be very busy.....Lesson plans to finalise, materials to order (providing course has enough students and goes ahead), a talk to give, jewellery to make, and if the course doesn't go ahead - I will be at market too - a day out from doing all the other stuff that needs to be done when running your own business.

I guess that is the penalty for slowing down for a while, all of a sudden everything kicks in at once and its straight from first gear to fifth in one move. Hey Ho!!

Hoping you all have a lovely Sunday and it is also sunny and bright where you are.

Bright Blessings to all.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Oops! Forgot to mention....

Just wanted to bring your attention to the two Polls on the left - What Silver Jewellery do you like to wear/buy? and Typically, how much would you spend on Silver jewellery? With the first one, it would be a great help if you could respond to the top two/three answers as appropriate and any others that are relevant, and then vote. With the second poll, I just need an idea of what you are prepared to pay for silver jewellery. This will enable me to structure my creations accordingly, in addition to making the more expensive statement pieces that capture my imagination.
In anticipation.....I thank you for your time.
Light and Laughter

Happy with my Blog - Not such a technophobe after all!!

Well I managed it after all. I am quite happy with this so will be spreading the word wherever I can....hopefully picking up new fans for facebook, new followers for blog and lots of lovely people looking at my website and buying my jewellery!! No pressure then! (Haha!)

I will also be advertising my workshops on here. Currently there are two coming up, but neither actually organised by me, just for a change.

Teaching through Central Beds - Bedfordshire Adult Skills and community Learning, a 6 session course starts on 24 April 2010...providing enough students are booked on the course. Full details of the course, dates and everything else can be found on my website, and you can book your place on it through, which is also linked from my website. Basically - take a look at my website - PMC Workshops page.

You will also find a one day workshop on 24 June 2010 with Tudor Rose Patchwork, in Oakley (nr Bedford) - again...all the details are on my website, and you can book your place directly with Tudor Rose Patchwork.

Well that is all for is a lovely sunny day here in Bedford and I am looking forward to having friends come and stay over the weekend. We haven't seen each other in ages so it will be a great weekend I think. Better start cleaning house then!

Bright Blessings to everyone

welcome to my Blog!

Well, I am not the most computer literate person in the world, but having mastered the maintenance of my website (to a degree!) and thrown myself into Facebook, I thought it a good idea to give blogging a go! LOL (I think 'twittering' might take a bit longer though - just not getting it!)
Anyway, welcome to my blog - which I hope will complement my website ( Facebook page (JDLM - Handcrafted Fine Silver Jewellery & PMC Workshops - My aim is to preview my new creations on the blog (as I do on my Facebook page)and I may also be offering separate discounts and offers......and sharing with you a little bit of me in my world of unique individually and personally handcrafted fine silver jewellery. I hope you enjoy it.

Jane's Jewellery